A Certificate Of Appreciation Issued By Our Governor

A Certificate Of Appreciation Issued By Our Governor

On 24.01.13, during a visit to our factory, the Governor of Denizli, Abdulkadir Demir, presented us with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of our work on the Turkish Republic South Aegean Development Agency’s 2010 programme for financial progress & fiscal support.

Yonga’s project, supported by the Turkish Republic South Aegean Development Agency, is entitled ” Increasing production capacity by using renewable energy”. It was developed in accordance with the regulations created by the aforementioned Agency and approved by the State Planning Organisation to promote a healthy and sustainable working environment. Our project involved not only the fields of research, development and innovation, but also the increase in productivity and cutting down of waste using alternative energy resources which are sensitive to the environment. We improved existing facilities and established new methods, including the utilisation of oak sawdust from our production waste to create an alternative energy source.

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