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Denizli Exporters Association Presents Star Award To Yonga Furniture

On Friday April 26th 2013, the “Stars of Export Award Ceremony” took place at the PAU Congress & Culture Centre. The ceremony was attended by the member Companies of the Denizli Exporters Association and the Awards were presented by the Minister of Economy, Zafer ÇAĞLAYAN and the president of the Turkish Exporters Assembly Mehmet BÜYÜKEKŞİ. Yonga followed up last year’s success by gaining another Star Award this year.

Yonga Mobilya Achieves Green Facility Award

The “Green Facility Award” is presented by the Turkish Healthy Cities Association. Of the 119 Turkish Companies submitted, 36 Companies achieved the award and amongst these was Yonga Mobilya. The Healthy Cities programme was initiated by the World Health Organisation as part of the Healthy Cities Association. Its aim was to promote good environmental conditions and the award went to Companies proven to have environmentally sound facilities. The presentation Ceremony was held at the Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel and the award was presented to Yonga Mobilya by Erdogan Bayraktar from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning.

Our Company Has Been Awarded A Certificate Of “Eco-Factory Standard” By Marks&Spencer.

Marks & Spencer has created an initiative called “Plan A”, the aim of which is to help limit the effects of global warning. Within the scope of this initiative, Yonga Mobilya has become the world’s second and Turkey’s first furniture factory to be awarded the “Eco-Factory Standard” certificate.

The Plan A project was launched by M&S in January 2007. Amongst its aims is the efficient management of energy resources such as lighting, heating, water & waste, whilst at the same time enhancing productivity. It is the role of the Eco-factory to bring about these aims through measures taken to maximise resources & minimise waste.

With the intention of inhibiting the potential effects of global warming & to enhance the working environment, M&S challenged all its suppliers, manufacturers, offices & stores to take up Plan A. Their mission statement was presented as “Let’s put Plan A in place for tomorrow, because there is no Plan B”. In other words, let’s preserve our current environment before our resources are exhausted, when it will be too late to replenish them.

A Certificate Of Appreciation Issued By Our Governor

On 24.01.13, during a visit to our factory, the Governor of Denizli, Abdulkadir Demir, presented us with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of our work on the Turkish Republic South Aegean Development Agency’s 2010 programme for financial progress & fiscal support.

Yonga’s project, supported by the Turkish Republic South Aegean Development Agency, is entitled ” Increasing production capacity by using renewable energy”. It was developed in accordance with the regulations created by the aforementioned Agency and approved by the State Planning Organisation to promote a healthy and sustainable working environment. Our project involved not only the fields of research, development and innovation, but also the increase in productivity and cutting down of waste using alternative energy resources which are sensitive to the environment. We improved existing facilities and established new methods, including the utilisation of oak sawdust from our production waste to create an alternative energy source.

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Yonga Mobilya Has Achieved FSC® Certification.

This certifies that YM is protecting & observing the Chain of Custody (CoC)

Today, the best means of demonstrating that a good forest product is sourced through a well-controlled supply chain is by being part of the CoC protection system. The first certificate achieved by YM proves that the CoC is being protected and observed, in that it shows a management system covering all raw materials from forest to consumer through the processes of transformation, manufacturing & distribution.

Benefits of FSC® Certificate

The FSC® certificate is internationally recognised and as such bestows prestige on any Company which gains it.

Having the right to use the FSC® label indicates that products come from legal and well-managed resources.

It is a proven indicator that existing forestry products are legal.

It allows the guardianship of forests to be transferred to the next generation in a sustainable condition.

What is FSC® ?

FSC® is the International Forest Stewardship Council® organisation. It was founded with the aim of providing a control system for forestry products all over the world. With a support network of Independent organisations and consultants, it prescribes practices and standards according to which any forestry industry organisation anywhere in the world must conduct its business.

News About Yonga Mobilya In The Press

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The Gainsborough Desk Has Been Awarded A 2011 “Design Guild Mark”

We are very proud to announce that the Gainsborough Desk which we produce for Marks &Spencer has been awarded a 2011 Design Guild Mark Award. The award scheme is run by The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers. The below links give details.