Company Policies

Sloganımız; Kalitemiz imzamızdır...

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is

  • To achieve globally competitive sustainable production, at the right price, at the right quality and at the specified time, targeting full customer satisfaction, complying and wherever possible exceeding the requirements of both product and environmental standards.
  • To continuously follow technological developments and to apply these to our production and to involve and train our employees to sincerely participate in our quest for quality and technological progress.

Our Slogan is

Our quality is our signature.

Environmental Policies

At YONGA we strongly believe that we are indebted to our heritage to limit our impact on the environment. To achieve this aim, we are following a policy with the below components:

1) Wood Sourcing: We are committed to buying all wood raw materials from legal and renewable sources and reputable suppliers and to seek where appropriate, evidence that suppliers are in compliance with this policy. As sources of certified timber become more available, we will give preference to certified timber where practicable.We will not purchase timber which is known to have originated from dubious sources or belonging to any prohibited timber species.

2) Sustainable Use of the Factors of Production: We are committed to reduce consumption of all materials and packaging wherever possible and will recycle materials where practicable. We will aim for the effective and efficient utilisation of especially energy, water and natural resources.

3) Environmentally Safe Disposal or Recycling of Waste: We are committed to minimize

  • Production of waste
  • Pollutants to the atmosphere
  • Pollutants to land and water
  • Production of noise odor or dust
  • Negative visual effects of our activities

We aim to comply and wherever possible exceed the requirements of legislative environmental standards.We see this as a continuous process for which we will involve and train our employees to be environmentally aware, environmentally responsible and to keep working towards environmental sustainability. We will also encourage all persons and organisations with which we have contact to become environmentally aware and responsible.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Yonga believes that no business activity is urgent and important enough to endanger the health and safety of it’s employees.

Achieving it’s success through it’s employees, Yonga accepts as it’s primary goal to create less risky and safer working conditions year after year.

Preserving the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, and visitors being our priority, the target of “zero accidents” and “zero occupational disease” will be our primary principle.

To achieve this goal, Yonga ensures that:

  • Senior management and all employees are committed to continuous, determined participation and support,
  • Work is performed according to customer specifications, laws, regulations and standards,
  • Occupational Health and Safety goals are continuously upgraded and and met,
  • Adequate and effective training to achieve Occupational Health and Safety awareness is performed,
  • The necessary resources for the analysis and minimization of health and safety risks are mobilized and safe and healthy working conditions for everyone in the factory are created.

As Yonga, in view of the above principles, we undertake to manufacture our products in healthy and safe conditions to fulfil the expectations of our employees and stakeholders.

Controlled Wood Policy

As a general Company principle, YONGA is committed to conduct all its’ operations responsibly. A major facet of this responsibility is the utilization of only sustainable raw materials. Therefore, YONGA procurement policies are intended to avoid sourcing raw materials from the following six risk areas :

  • Illegally harvested wood;
  • Wood harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights;
  • Wood harvested from forests where high conservation values are threatened by management activities;
  • Wood harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use; and
  • Wood harvested from forests where genetically modified trees are planted.
  • Violation of any of the ILO Core Conventions as defined in the ILO declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

The reigning Laws of Turkey regulating the protection of Forests and the utilization of Forest Products are established to ensure that these risks are eliminated. YONGA  commits to due diligence in the application of these Laws. Where in spite of this, a degree of risk exists, YONGA undertakes to implement Company Policies and Procedures to ensure that these risks are eliminated.