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We apply our unique experience and craftsmanship to all our products. As a company that knows the living and natural state of the massif best, we deliver the magnificent quality to our customers as a result of our experience.

While producing our products with our certified materials, policies, energy use, we never give up on our understanding of production that is mobilizing, sustainable and cares about worker groups.

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Electricity Output AC Electricity Output DC Annual Power Generation Number of Equivalent Trees Date of Commissioning Capacity (Number of Households Powered) Number of Solar Panels Used Greenhouse Gas Emissions Avoided Each Year
840 kWp
1.133 kWp
1.501 kWh
33.602 Pcs
495 House/Year
2.576 Pcs
705.562 Kg/Year


Number of Employees

6000 m³

Annual Tree Usage


Annual Furniture Production

Why Yonga Furniture ?

Yonga Furniture is Turkey’s largest solid wood furniture manufacturer. Along with its annual capacity, it produces products of unmatched quality for its customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly production technologies and a 100% quality control system.

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